About Us

West Lancashire Footpath Group (WLFG) was founded in 1977. It had and still has three main objectives:

  1. To enjoy rambles
  2. To defend public footpaths in West Lancashire
  3. To extend the local footpath network

The founders of the footpath group, the late Peter and Margaret Smith worked tirelessly for many years, with other members of WLFG, to collect statements and evidence of footpaths walked. This evidence was used to add footpaths which are regularly walked, to the definitive map of public paths. In addition to this, Peter and Margaret were instrumental in claiming new paths such as the Cheshire Lines, the footpath along part of the disused railway line from Ormskirk to Skelmersdale, and many more.

The group has grown in numbers over the years.  Some members no longer join the walks, but keep up their membership to enable the work of the group to continue.

Footpath inspectors from the group have campaigned long and hard to keep paths clear of obstructions, well-signposted and in a suitable condition to be enjoyed by the public. They do this by liaising with the authorities responsible for the upkeep of the footpaths, reporting problems and monitoring actions taken.

If you have concerns about local paths you can report them directly to Lancashire County Council at prow@lancashire.gov.uk or through WLFG westlancashirefootpathgroup@gmail.com.